My room mate works in a data analytics company with his girlfriend. I always wonder what they do in office as they spend on an average 12-14 hours.
Yesterday we were having dinner and his girlfriend said "now we are working in D3"
Having used D3 for a small project in college I was going to ask more about it.
Her next sentence was "It's a language. Like html"
I did not say a world. Just nodded.

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    @kaqqao yes I'm pretty sure she was talking about d3.js
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    @Sainathl, did she know you were a dev too? I tend to dumb down my answers when people is from outside the dev world. Perhaps she's doing the same?
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    14 hours with her boyfriend in office?
    D3 might mean D, 3 times a day.
    Just saying.
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    @Eariel Yes they know.
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    @Adrianoenrico I laughed so hard at this. Come to think of it 14 hours is really huge amount of time to do anything.
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    @Sainathl, then she doesn't know much about programming languages, LOL.
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