What do u think the last job going to be b4 machine and AI take over all jobs ?

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    On the automated world, artists and crafters will be the ones to keep on working. If everything is automated, and humans somehow manage to keep their own fed and with all the other basic needs cover, people will have a lot of free time. Entertainment "with a human touch" will be a thing, and having a "unique man-made" item too. But... As I don't believe in utopy, I guess there will be lots of people off the grid and farmers, healers and all other kind of basic-needs related jobs will still exist.
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    I think it's gonna be AI matneince until it can do it itself. I do believe that creative jobs may be automated before people expect, like writing music.
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    @calmyourtities, I believe they will be automated too. But on creative stuff, humans like human warm. There is been factory-made furniture ever since the beginning of the 20th century, and some modern brands work with near lights-out procecess, but people still pays a lot extra to get a hand made chair or table.
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    @Eariel but won't those things become only for the rich? There wouldn't be as many like the AI could make
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    Farmer. I don't know if I could trust a robot to provide me with the right foods for me... it might be programmed to keep me from reaching 80% health, so the medical robots have something to do.

    (Listening to "paranoid" by Garbage now)
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    @calmyourtities, of course it will be less common than the ones produced automatically. I don't know if it will be only for the rich; plenty of middle class people splurges in "that" item... Anyway, we don't even know what would "rich" mean on an automated society.
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    @Jop- all it takes is for one engineer to think it up, and the AI agents will collaborate in such manner. But, yeah, everything AI is created with the idea of replacing common things we do.
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    Ai trainer
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    Maybe sex provider for Sexual needed AIs
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