probably most of my life, not just career.

realizing sooner that nobody gives a fuck and nobody will ever help.
realizing sooner that i can make and sell stuff. realizing sooner that the fact that what i sell is shit is completely disconnected from the success of my sales.
realizing aooner than most people are morons.
getting okay with exploiting morons' moronism sooner.

realizing that nobody has morals so unless i drop mine i'm just holding myself back.

stuff like that.

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    While it’s good to be cautious, not everyone is evil. In fact, I’d say most people are nice unless you happen to be in an industry where sociopaths thrive.
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    @620hun evil as in wanting to cause harm, and evil as in not giving a shit about the harm you might cause in pursuit of your own happiness, are two very different things, i agree.
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    @ostream as far as i know there is no answer. so wzy not choose nihilism, if i prefer it, since everything is equally useless?
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    @molaram the intent. But that’s not what I was saying.
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    I still can’t bring myself to exploit people’s stupidity, nor sell what I know is crap.
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    Teach me your ways, Sensei!
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