What is your favourite pasta-code?

I think mine is tortellini/ravioli code. Where someone has taken Object Oriented Programming to the absolute worst extreme. You have loads of seemingly unrelated tiny classes/functions with just a few lines. All split between 30 files to perform one module function

And somewhere is a bug. Bon appetit💋👌

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    Spaghetti bolognaise.
    Where it's supposed to be OOP but really it's just a mix of classes, global functions and procedural code all wrapped up into a single entry point.

    You enter file a, inject file b,c,d,e and f, and inherent from parent scope variables to use within script d that were declared on script b in a very flat manner.

    You don't know what shit is, until it's a procedural linear dumpster fire.
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    I really enjoy the Spaghetti with w cream based sauce with cubed bacon and mushrooms.
    Oh code? Any that I've written.
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    Nice, freshly cooked ravioli,
    skewered with hard spaghetti, and cooked again. Then drowned in that trash juice that leaks out of garbage bags that have been sitting too long.

    There are nicely defined classes and their interfaces, but previous devs have ignored or extended those interfaces so the classes now branch and do multiple things (poorly) so they’re now just loosely defined concepts. and they often branch using (and mutating) global state. Also, some of the functionality of the classes has leaked out into the rest of the dish, so it’s just a mess. And then it’s abandoned and goes stale. And on top of all of this, there are terrible coding practices throughout.

    So it’s dry and disfigured pasta that’s impossible to untangle, coated in trash, and left to rot.
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