During the second year of my graduation we had a subject called​ C & Data Structures. This asshole of a teacher (who taught programming by just reading the programs out of the textbook ) came to somehow know that I had learnt C & was good at it (some student had gossiped about me in front of him). Everyday when he came in for the lecture he used to call my name & say - "You think you are very smart please come in front & teach C to everyone" for no apparent reason. (I had never showed him that I was good in programming). For almost complete semester I kept silence & he used to laugh & keep me standing for the complete lecture. But one day I was particularly not in a very good mood & he came & said the same thing. I went & taught for the whole lecture & the whole class applauded at the end. The look on his face was priceless 🤣

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    Profs like this should be terminated.
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    And then the teacher gave hime $100
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    F*** that professor. Good on ya for having the bollocks to teach the class.
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    I have had something similar to that a few times.
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    That professor had a super little dick. Kudos!
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    In my case, the fellow students come to me after class or over Facebook to gallop in teaching something.
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    @Doh-Vah-Kiin Adam?
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