Does it get easier?
I think it does but, I wanna hear it from someone.

Every little thing I want to do, I look it up online. Even if I've done it before, but I've probably forgotten how.
And the fact that there's A LOT of technologies out there, and that they'll just keep coming everyday, just adds to the overwhelming feeling I'm in.

Python's beauty does help a little though :)

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    I think the important thing is to get the job done and after sometime things become much more natural but still after years it won't be possible to write the whole project without google
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    Believe me the first time I started with python I had to look up every single line I wanted to write... few months later I remembered most of the syntax that I looked up so often
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    It doesn't get easier. You get tougher and wiser. That is the pay off, and we promise it's worth it.
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