Anyone else concerned with their daily caffeine/cream/sugar consumption?

Currently at 5 coffees (+ cream + sugar) per day just to feel normal.

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    You only need to be concerned about caffeine intake when you drink more than 5 cups a day, your cup exceeds 500ml in capacity and your preffered brand of coffee is insomnia coffee.
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    I’m weird. So I go with coffee for about 2-3 months. Then I go without for about a couple of months, Then I switch to tea for a couple a months. I been doing this same rotation for years.
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    I'm at 0 caffeinated drinks per day. Feels great, water and fruit do a much better job than coffee!

    Then if you ever do feel super tired or need to stay awake, then small amounts of the stuff can have a great effect!
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    @Wozza365 – That's the dream. I tried weaning myself off of coffee for a few days a while back and I was straight up The Grinch during that time. Just grumpy af.

    At this point I need some sort of rehab to get on your level.
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    Maybe you can ween off a little of the coffee with tea?
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    I've actually been thinking about this, I'm kinda overdoing it with the cofee.
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    I’m at half a liter of coffee a day. Fill up the old thermos each morning, and that lasts the day. On the weekends I try to resort to one small cup in the morning.

    In Scandinavia they have these energy drinks with 100+ mg of caffeine. Much more than a Red Bull per can. That stuff will give you the jitters.

    Although I have to admit, the jersey trees paired with some good motivational music === incredible programming rates
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    And that, my friends, is the sign of a caffeine addiction
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    I would be more concerned about the cream and sugar. I was worse at it. And i left it for pure black coffee. It took a while to find a coffee that I liked without sugar or cream but it is worth it man. Try it, its hard, but worth it.
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    Stopped coffee consumption for several months, my sleeping quality has improved significantly! Caffeine builds up tolerance so much so fast I was drinking 6-7 cups a day before I realised it’s not doing good to my body.
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    Stopped drinking coffee and anything with sugar. Drinks is where not having sugar seems the easiest for me.

    But i eat too much chocolate for sure.
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    I hope I'm never at this level but I'm definitely headed in that direction
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    Less than 8 cups a day are harmless to your body, so don't worry (talking about coffee and not about how much sugar you consume).
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    I got worried when I was drinking about 6 mugs of strong coffee a day. Girlfriends mum measured my blood pressure and it was not good😅

    Cut down medium strength cups no and everything is looking good :D
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    Between 7 to 12 expresso a day here. No sugar
    No much sleep (no matter cafeine qty lol)
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    I'm at 4l of coffee a day....it seems hard for me to focus if I drink less and i just go crazy if I have more than that....
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    That's too high. You can go for max of 3 per day. That's optimal levels of caffeine intake.

    P.S. Just taking my first cup of coffee while I'm writing this 😁
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    @webnoob just try a pint of water and an apple in the morning instead of your first cup to begin with. Also consider trying decaf coffee at least half the time. A lot of the time you are probably drinking out of addiction to coffee and not just caffeine.

    And buy a smaller mug!
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    Max 3 cups, no sugar, just milk or creamer. Sometimes tea.
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    My heart is ready to blast off even after one cup of espresso.

    If you don't feel right without that much caffeine, you better go ask doctor about it, maybe check yourself. That isn't ok
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    Do you feel tired without coffee? The usual reasons for that are insufficient sunlight/vitamines, eating junk food on daily basis and even just sitting motionless for hours. Your spine muscles can't relax and doesn't allow blood to flow towards brain. Massage may help.

    Anyway, take care. That's may be more serious than you think
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    It doesn't have that much caffeine as you think, Google it and compare to a pre workout dosage moreover you split it the entire day
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