//An okay long rant..

So i work at this small robotics start-up company I Copenhagen.
The first dumb part is that it only uses interns as staff, because then they don't need to pay people. (I am working part time, for free. Just to get experience (I am only 20 btw))

So.. I often get into an argument with my boss, since she is a designer with a "passion" for robotics (she has no clue how to do anything related to the work) But I often try to explain to her some current limitations in the staff, and what is possible for us to do, but she will never listen. She really wants us to design our own microcontroller board PCB, and she want it at the size of a coin. However when I tell her that none of the, non paid works has the experience or education to design such a thing, she never wants to acknowledge it, and it really pisses me off.
And her dad, who is the top boss, only care for esthetics when he is making a work environment, which is dumb when we just need to develop stuff...

Sorry if the rant was too long but had to get it out..

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    nice rant....I wouldn't count it as long though, longest rant I saw had to be continued in the comments :P
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    "Interns" should never be seen as free staff if they work for the profit of the company.

    I am an intern for a startup here in India. The amount of knowledge I gain here is immense. I'd happily work for free. But I work towards building the product and they pay me. I think it keeps me motivated because I know I'm never going to be abused like few shitty companies treat unpaid interns.
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    @mcraz exactly, I like working there, and the amount of knowledge and experience I gain is huge, but I find it annoying that they don't pay anything else than food for us and especially the ones working there full time.
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    "working for food" is that even allowed.

    I hope you didn't sign any fucking contracts.
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    Nepotism at its finest
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    @mcraz True, I work in a start up too as an intern ofcourse and they pay me it really gives me motivation
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    In time your company will be eaten alive by their own managerial ineptitude. This provides me some comfort.

    In the meantime have an internet hug from me =/
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    Do you mean this?

    And yes its normal for founders to be blind to criticism or anything that doesn't fit into their dream, like "employees" who can't etch pcbs for free.

    Move to shenzhen china and build your own robot company 😉
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