How I play mobile games:

-Try to hack it to get infinite $$$, God mode

--Yes: play til bored or "finished" (they never finish)
--No: Uninstall

Is this efficiency optimization, maximizing utility, or cheating?

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    Cheating. Also what's the point of playing hacked game?
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    Well, at least I don't feel alone anymore :D

    I do the same on solo game (PC) with rare exceptions.

    (For those wondering why, I enjoy more finding exploits etc. Than playing)
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    Doing the same tbh...I love sandbox games maybe that explains why I have to turn every game into a sandbox game
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    @FullRandom get all the fun out of it, less the frustration and the need to spend money
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    I have learned more programming hacking games then I've done all year in some class. All tough i do bots and certain other things. Never commercially tough just for fun and i don't want to ruin the game. A lot of people will probably hate me for saying this.
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    @killermenpl me too, my fastest way: change the values with a memory editor 😁
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    It probably is illegal :)
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    @Jilano hackerman)))
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    @SirWindfield nope, all data is local, I ain't hacking servers.

    If I were, my ++ score would be 99999999999999 right now.
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    None of the above - it's debugging. I do the same thing and it's so much fun. Not necessarily the winning part per se, but rather getting to understand the system and what fundamental inadequacies it might be susceptible to or what sort of things the devs may have overlooked.
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    I once did it to Soldier Run if I recall that was the game name on iOS back in 2009, they used to save item cost in an xml file, so having a jailbroken iTouch 😏
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    @gitpush yes I jailbroke too before but too much trouble... Have to install mods for things I can easily do on Android... Oh n the $99/year dev license...

    Not everyone writes apps to sell...
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    @billgates ya that's so damn annoying 99$/yr
    And no mods without jailvreak is also bad
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    I do love finding bugs and exploits too but it doesn't mean I have to hack the game since day zero. This get all fun out of it

    I usually start doing the weird things after playing the game as intended
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    @Luigi003 the problem with (free to play) mobile games though is they are designed to:

    1. Get u hooked
    2. Make u spend money
    3. Never finish
    4. Waste a lot of time and energy for nothing
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