Gas station clerk: "with our phone app you can get a discount for fuel and car washes!"
Me: OK, I'll definitely try it out next time!

Me: *drive home*
Me: *download and install the app*


Phone: Out of storage!
Phone: Battery draining faster!
Phone: Gas station app uses 200-300MB and is running in the background

Me: *uninstalls the gas station app*

Never ever again.

Why would a simple thing like that
1. run in the background
2. use this amount of storage
??? I can't get my head around it. Seriously... 2-3 activities with nothing but text in them. 200 MB??!!?? Are you using fucking pictures of letters for the text, or what? a.jpg, b.gif, c.avi ???

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    Im going to take a wild guess that it was an electron or similar JS based app, contacting the backend constantly for their custom notification implementation, possiblly even going nuts if the Internet isn't available

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    Why is your phone so low on free space anyway
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    @electrineer I'd like to know that too...

    Pics - 6g
    video - 2g
    apps - 7g

    total used - 31g

    where's the remaining 15g? Idk. But I balance on the <1g free verge and 200m is a lot on my terms.
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    Easy. App is a whitelabel created by the lowest bidder.
    They use the same app, and add all customizaions into it, AND 20 ads services wrapped into an aggragator, thats tracking you....
    decompile it and see.
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    They are mining shitcoins on your phone. The discount = 30% income they made from mining.
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    @coldfire That could very well be the case 😬
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