me and my co-workers: "lmao lets see if this github copilot is so great as they claim"

copilot: *solves issue we've been working on for 8 hours, in 10 seconds*

me and my co-workers:

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    Thanks, i lol'd
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    What kind of problem are we talking about?
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    If copilot is trained on billions of lines of public code. Then this could the biggest copyright infringement case in the history of programming. How does this affect GPL code used in the training set? Even though it is getting "patterns" from billions of lines of code doesn't make it any less theft. I wonder if this will be tested in a court some day.
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    Also, what happens if it trains a solution to a problem that is covered by a method patent?
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    I love using it in node and having it recommended someone else’s API key when I go to set mine. It’s happened with using sendgrid SDK and Firebase.
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    @wackOverflow That is hilarious.
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    @Demolishun backend devs trying frontend and failing miserably
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    @Demolishun it was in the GitHub TOS.
    Didn’t ja read?
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    @jeeper I don't know how to read. I write Javascript for a living.
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    GH Copilot is blocked by company VPN :(
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