I'm a beginner web developer - and I've run out of motivation / inspiration.
I'm a lazy teen who wants to be a web developer. Everyone and then I will start some project - and probably never finish it 100%. These last weeks I am really out of motivation or inspiration to do anything. I've learned a lot of things and I want to make something, I wanna test my skills. So - is there any place I can seek for inspiration on Front end web development? Or just if you need some help with any front end project - contact me.

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    Being lazy is not bad. I am lazy when I do stupid things that I have to do even if it's not my job.

    So, search vr/ar. There's a webvr, a-frame, awe.js and more to that. Choose one and make an application where you can position elements of a site all around you. There you go. You now have your own holodeck.

    Not impressed? Find lazy people from their interaction with a site. Build your own recommender system that will decide if one is lazy or not.

    Even now? Build a bot to keep you on the edge and surprise you when you get lazy.

    The list goes on, you know. There's really a lot of work to be done. Mostly for fun. But hey, that's the best part. Nothing better for a gamer to build his own game you know.

    Personally, I want to open my back camera of my mobile as an augmented reality background with Cordova, onsen ui, visual studio and getusermedia. I am SO close to the solution!! But I think it's time to go to sleep for now...

    Keep up the laziness!!
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    To be a lazy dev is not something bad. A lot of great dev's are lazy, but with that mindset they search always the easiest and simplest way to do something.

    Every dev had the time were they had no inspiration or motivation. Think in your daily life some useful tool is missing. Maybe a cookbook for your mobile? A grocery app and you can create the list online and send it to your mobile?

    The great thing here is, coding has no limit, you set the limit. 😁

    Trust me I also had the same time after I learnd HTML, CSS and PHP. Now I have my own Gaming Community with a great website and powerful gameserver.

    And being lazy is not something wrong. At my old job I created a list with useful ideas for the company. I was so lazy, that I could greatly increase the customer experience with the improvments. The clients loved my work.

    After that I was kicked out of the company. At that time they said that this ideas are useless. Now they implemented it and the clients love it (fml) πŸ˜‚
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    Are you into competitive Pokémon?
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    @lostinmyworld the thing is - i dont think i am good enough for that kind of stuff yet
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    @MoboTheHobo It's not bad, but its keeping me away from a lot of possibilities. I also have a list of ideas and projects I want to work on but when I get into a dead end I usually just procrastinate...
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    @xp-bar Well, i've never tried it so I can't say much...
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    @usernotfound what you mean "good enough"? My work is never good enough. I leave as it is but it can be always better and more reliable​. 😁😁

    Ar/Vr is easier than you think. Like, a lot. Just saying. Personally I would be lazy this time of year and busy only with the new Mass effect Andromeda but I haven't got the money. Or the PC for that (I think). And I work. So... πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
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    @usernotfound just wondering. Looking for collab on a competitive Pokémon Web app I'm working on. It's all good though :)
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    @lostinmyworld Even if I wanted to do it - my laptop is a garbage can with a cpu...
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    @xp-bar depends on what do you need 😊
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