- Take a course called "Mobile Application Development"
- Teacher is new and is thus lost on how things work because there is no formal training for them
- Teacher only knows Objective-C so that's all we're allowed to use
- Nobody owns a Mac and I think one or two people had an iPhone/iPad
- Only 4 public Mac computers are available to the school
- One to two people are on them frequently, limiting our time on them as well
- Not a part of the schools normal imaging and updating system, so we get to do it ourselves, which takes up like a week or two of classes (4 classes)
- This includes installing XCode and getting Apple IDs
- No real instructions are given besides "implement the APIs for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps into an app"
- Being an ass, for the final day instead of showing off the app we made I made a PowerPoint of my dislike of Objective-C and various struggles I ran into and how I decided not to make the app at all.
- shrug emoji

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    If it's called mobile app development can't you use Android?
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    @Graystripe17 I asked, and suggested that I could build the same app but for android. He said since he doesn't know the language he wouldn't be able to grade it properly.
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    Dang. I hopped on iOS after swift 3 and Objective C is 100% unreadable to me.
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    @Hobo42 teacher update is strongly recommended due to deprecation.
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