Using Joomla makes you want to use WordPress, that is just sad.

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    The lesser of the two evils...
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    Joomla? More like Doom-la.

    Yeah I've used Joomla so of course I know the trouble.
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    We use both Joomla and WordPress at work and I'm not sure which I hate more.

    Joomla's documentation is terrible but I prefer it for developing custom client features because it provides some semblance of MVC.

    WordPress is good for simple websites but I find it gets messy once you start adding custom features. Also, I dislike that you use various functions to retrieve data (i.e.: the_post_title) and that many of these functions focus on outputting HTML instead of just returning data. For example, to create your own menu you have to create a custom menu walker, why can't we just have an array containing the menu items?
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    You have my sympathy @ralrom
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