~ 10yrs ago, Dad: I'm a dev, your mom's a dev. I paid for you to go-to business school... But you still became a dev. And your brother also wants to be a dev

Now after me and bro moved back with then bc of COVID. The house is basically WeWork on weekdays.

Good thing we're all devs so can with remotely.

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    > basically WeWork

    Family is overhyped and nearly bankrupt? 😁

    Must be nice though to live with devs. Although... are there "my preferred technology is better than yours" flame wars at the dinner table?
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    @bittersweet coworking space I mean

    No we do our own things since we work with for different companies.

    And we don't talk about work
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    @donuts Sounds like a pretty nice environment tbh! No need to talk about work constantly outside of a work setting, you all do your own thing, and there's none of this "ohhh you're a computer guy, can you fix my printer" crap 😊
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    @AlmondSauce that last becomes, help it's not working, how do you do ...

    TLDR I'm still the tech guy that can make computers do magical things like casting to TVs
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    That sounda amazing.
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    You adopting?
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    @donuts am tired of fixing printers here
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    Printers? More than one?

    Tell them to move to e-forms and documents? Make everyone's life easier (... and save the trees).

    Even my doctors tell me to fill out forms online now.
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