Got a 0 for a question in the midterm of a microprocessor course(x86). I Went to the lecturer fuming with rage and explained to her my work and its 100% correct, therefore I should get full marks for it. She agreed but only gave me half the marks because I did not follow the solution that was in the text book. In my head: "Bitch I don't even have the textbook nor do I want to argue with your kind". I was so enraged I just stood up and left her office. Needless to say, I didn't get the A I deserved. FML

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    Ohhh this sucks so much. Had a similar experience once, so frustrating...
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    I remember in 1st sem studying CS on the final paper we had a 50% of the total mark coding question, where we were asked to sort 12 integer variables from 1 thru 24 in js, so I used a dynamic variable with eval(), used a loop and array to show results and was done in few lines.
    Needless say I got 20 out of 50 in that question and the lectures said that he was more than generous and shouldn't be using arrays because he didn't teach us about them and eval() is python not JavaScript.

    So i shouted what the fuck to his face then tried to explain to him that he's wrong, but that didn't get me anywhere, until now when I look at my transcript I say fuck that c*** sucker
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    @Nedo-the-angry, that sucks man.
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    @angryMoFo i did not get full marks once because the variable name i used wasn't the same as textbook :/
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    If a teacher want you to use a specific algo but you reply with your own shit then you probably just deserve 0.
    He's here to test you about his subject, not decrypt a brainfuck encoded answer
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    @-FLX First, it's a trivial program that was actually an example in the textbook​. Also, aren't schools supposed to encourage creativity and problem solving rather than punishing you for it?
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    @angryMoFo I think it depends. Maybe not in your case. But for example if you're asked to sort shit using quicksort, and you answer with a bubblesort, then to me the problem isn't the teacher.

    Schools are here to teach a specific program, not "creativity and problem solving". You can't rate that.
    Also you can't solve problems if you don't know the basics.
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    So frustrating : (
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    We had subject called "System Programing" and for viva the teacher asked me to write algorithm for Relocation Loader.... i fucking wrote it in my way(algorithm was practically correct) but he told me it was not correct just fucking because it wasn't similar to algorithm which is in text book. Fml
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