Decided to start using my smart watch again, mainly to track steps and pulse.

It has this weird "body battery" measurement, supposedly it shows how much energy you have left out of 100.

My problem is that I'm apparently in a sleep like state when I'm coding (low pulse, no movement and low breath count), so it charges my "body battery"... But I'm actually working...
Thus the watch is like: "no way you need to sleep now, you slept all day", when I head for bed...
Fuck me.

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    Trust the watch, just get back to coding
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    I second @electrineer ’s sentiment.

    From personal experience, however, since I’ve been doing competitive sports for a while, I’ve had this habit of tracking and analysing my bodily functions for a while. It’s astonishing how close all the metrics are when programming and when sleeping. There are two differences however: the HRV is in a more restorative range when sleeping, and conversely, there is more variance overall when sleeping (it seems I sleep more restlessly than I program). Anyhow, I’ve come to the conclusion that the implementation part of a developer’s job is restful activity, and hence does in fact ”recharge batteries”.
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    very useful info , thank for sharing!
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    Is this why most devs never seem to wanna let go of their computers, apparently we've been resting all along
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