Mom and dad never really cared me being a developer claiming they did not understand what I do and used to talk down on me becoming a loser for spending too much time making video games when I was a kid.

Got depressed for a long time and stopped making games.

Brother comes drunk at 15 years old, got yelled but bc he was out partying and socializing he never got called a loser by them. Now they laugh at that experience.

But never apologized until I got a breakdown. Fb becomes big and now they want me to invent the next Facebook and telling me to be happy.

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    Still struggling with depression, can't focus well, broke and being ill for a year and a half.

    But I'll keep working because coding it's the only thing giving me purpose.
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    Some people are their own punishment. I had a cousin and uncle that used to glorify blue collar work and say degrading things about white collar workers. My cousin, last I checked, is a drug dealer. My uncle was kind of an asshole.
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    @nachocode , you *like* coding, and you *can* do that for quite a nice living.
    Well, if you can't be happy, at least be financially solvent by non-hateable means. It also leaves you able to follow an opportunity of happiness should one present itself, without having to despair about food and rent.
    Life isn't a movie, we are not entitled to a karmic happy ending with lots of closure. But a non-shitty one is very doable.
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    Maybe your parents just commit a mistake, a big one. Maybe there is only left to ignore it, forgive and continue. If you don't like coding anymore then it's time to move on to the next chapter. You will still need the money though. So you better keep working at it at least for a while. Then, when you have a good amount of money (it doesn't need to be big) try to do what your heart tells you to dot, what you like, even if it doesn't seem to make profit. The money that you have been saving this time is to afford searching for that activity that makes you happy. If you no longer know what makes you happy (actually a common symptom of clinical depression) then try to go back and ask to you. "What did I liked to do 3 years ago... 8 years ago 20 years ago.?" And also "What did I longed for x years ago?". It's almost certain that you will not find your answer at the first try. Maybe you will need to try it a lot. 10 times, 20 times 100 times. But you must keep trying.
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    @Demolishun wdym, drug dealing is a very honest blue colour job with great pay and respect!
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    Guess I miswrote one thing. I actually love coding. Been doing it for 20 years now :).

    And I have forgiven my parents a long time ago.

    They were dicks at the beginning of my career but now we are cool.
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    I appreciate the support. You all rock!
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    @Demolishun I hear there is real money in drugs. Rich drug lords are more common than rich devs (dead too but at least it's a risk that pays out)
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