My latest post about my mother made me finally realize the whole picture.

Five minutes ago, I send her a long message that describes how I feel. This message will be the very last act of communication that will happen between us.

This felt like a bullet coming one inch away from my head. Like SWAT team rescuing me from a predator's basement where I spent the last ten years. Part of me already realized what happened and is serene, part of me still can't get used to an idea that this was, in fact, the end, and no further harm will be done.

My future is bright. It's so nice to feel that she doesn't know where I live.

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    moving out when i did might have kept me alive, if only for the fact that i haven't killed myself. I've forgiven my mother in my own way, but i know not everyone deserves that, and i definitely didn't owe her that. when people say that i gotta put up with her because she's my mother, i feel like ripping them apart, because they have no idea what they're talking about. we don't owe them anything, and she should be happy i still speak to her
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    My father is the ine for me. I think when I moved out, due to all his worst behaviours I was timid and often irresponsible. Now during lockdown when I came home I realised it was him all the time who made me suffer. He still is like that.

    Moving out might be little challenging in beginning but things become better, give yourself a lot of love. No matter what happens, never let the negatives enter in your brain. All the very best :)
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