Some recruiter just reached out on LinkedIn to talk about a job opportunity with me.

I suggested he give me an idea of the pay range before i proceed and talk to anyone in the company so we dont waste eachothers time.

He said they can realistically pay X/month.

I explained that X is less than half my current salary (Y) so i wont proceed with this.

He replied by saying "oh nice, thats a great salary for your experience"

WTF is that supposed mean? did the bitch say im underqualified to get paid my current salary?

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    IMO it simply means either 1) that you caught them off guard and they really need to get updated on current rates, or 2) that they're trying to get someone for as low of a rate as possible.
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    Or that your a good negotiator :)
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    @Voxera I never negotiated a salary lmao, too insecure to demand more than im offered
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    Happened the same to me a couple of years ago… if they handle jobs in a different nation it’s very possible the rates are extremely different.

    EG: in Italy (a nation extremely fucked up for dev pays) getting ~1800€/month is being at the end of your career, in Germany ~2350€/month was the result of a poor negotiation for a regular role
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    Sounds to me like the recruiter was negging you. He/she was salty about not having the budget to find a good candidate, and took that frustration out on you.

    Move on, and let it go. There's no job I want less than tech recruiting.
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    “Last company paid me in the x range. The current company pays me in y range. This is a highly specialized technical field and the company you are recruiting for isn’t offering its developers a competitive wage.”

    I said this once. It felt very good to say.
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    Take it in good faith, imo. He may have been genuinely surprised.
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    Send him a salt photo
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    I think they added your salary to some research-spreadsheet they have, and just gave a true compliment, if i was you i want think anything bad.
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