First time committing a ticket is scary… I can’t stop thinking how my colleagues and tech lead gonna look at my code and question me if I lied on my resume…

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    If you are not passing through vents nor stabbing people in the back, I'm pretty sure you are not an impostor.
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    Jus commit. Each code re iew is a learning lesson.

    Not only on learning coding standards but also learning the coding style of your team.

    Plus, they hire you for being you. Not only for your coding skills.

    So learn, ask and code :)
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    Honestly, if it's like most places, then barring something really egregious and obvious, you'll probably just get a few silly things to correct, nothing to feel bad about, and probably a few subjective code style things, and that'll be it... because a proper code review for anything but truly trivial pieces of code tends to take a lot more time than most leads are allowed.

    Not true everywhere, but after you have a few years of experience you'll realize how shockingly common it is.
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