Continuing my saga, I'm now tasked with creating a .NET Web Form app and then converting it to ASP.NET Core as a proof of concept.
- Web Forms are not supported in Core and are not planned to
- After 3 weeks I still do not have a work laptop
-- My personal laptop is a Chrome book running Linux
--- I can't install VS2017 on my laptop, I need it for this project.
- Working from home, where I have the resources available, is apparently against company policy (I'm not 100% on this yet, can't find it myself)
- I'm likely going to be sent back to the offline computer lab at a different location to work on this, where I doubt the programs/packages are installed


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    @azuredivay He said "laptop" not "main machine". Often people have a light/portable laptop that's not very powerful and a v powerful desktop at home
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    @AngryDev That's exactly what's happening
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    @azuredivay I only intended to use it for traveling, like when I visit my parents or something, and for me to learn a little about Linux. It was never meant for work.
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    @Hobo42 That's just my case. :D
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