Senior Recruiters: Are GCP accreditations worth it? I’m looking to take the Professional Cloud Developer course.
Do they give weight on a CV?

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    Not a recruiter but I interview and hire developers.

    When I see AWS accreditation they go to the top of my list because we work heavily in AWS.

    I would assume it would be the same for Google, Azure, Oracle, etc.
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    Verifiable experience in a given field is always more valuable to me than any certification or education, when interviewing a candidate. But when I see a claim of either, I will definitely press for evidence of that knowledge. I will never give a candidate the benefit of the doubt.
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    When I said I would never give a candidate the benefit of the doubt, what I meant was that I would never give a certification authority that benefit. Having a cert, to me, is just a claim of knowledge. That claim will not stand on its own.
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    @bahua Do you see a difference between a certification on one resume, and a bullet item under an employer and job title on the same functional area/tool/specialization on a different resume that didn’t have a certification-in terms of what counts as being a ‘claim of knowledge’?
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    The main difference I've seen is that certs are typically listed on a resume if the candidate has no professional experience in that topic. That raises my eyebrows much more than a claim of experience.
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    Go for it, as long as it’s good quality and you can prove to your interviewers that you know enough about it to do well in the role you’re interviewing for!
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    Having knowledge and the cert is one thing; but try your best to really understand that knowledge and what your classes covered! That will make the most difference!
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    You can get a cert and never use that knowledge at all. Just because you have Solutions Architect cert in AWS does not make you a Solutions Architect. You still need to have experience to know when to do and when to break/bend the rules because of issues or office politics or specific implementation.
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