Ok soooo boss asks me: "When is the website going to be ready?"
me: today i'll be through
4 hours later:
Site 90% done
- messed up theme
- try reinstalling theme
- 2 try
- 3rd try
- 4th try
- 5th try: success , time 6:00pm
Site is 90% complete and waiting for content from client
- projects
- logo
- images

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    I never, ever say something will be done before tomorrow evening. That has saved me many times and also makes me look good when I finish it earlier.
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    That's why I code before 9, so I'm a few hours ahead 😅
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    I would have just said "not before we receive the required materials from the client." You don't know what screwed up format they'll provide you the stuff in - if at all. You can only give a sane estimate when you have all the details.
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