So I just got one of those pop ups saying YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN HACKED.

I decided to call the number, while firing up a Linux virtual machine, running Linux Mint. I customized the home button to look like the Windows start menu logo, and proceeded to let that scammer connect to it.

He was so confused, considering the script he was reading off of was meant for windows. He opened up terminal, and started typing in "tree" and told me that's how many viruses I have.


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    typical scammers....just type in a command that displays many things on the console and noobs will believe it...
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    Change shell font color to red, everything is waaay more dangerous when written in red letters! ;D
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    @dandel10n Or green...and suddenly youre a hacker...
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    @SHA-256 hackertyper.net, so much fun can be had there.
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    Seeing he is a such a dumbass, take his IP and just wreck havoc. Quite sure the guy isn't behind a vpn.
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    alias tree='echo Haha got you dirty scammer'

    put that in the ~/.bashrc ;P
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    Next time make An​ VM with reactos will make him think of 98 :D
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    @SHA-256 deserves extra ++
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    @SHA-256 will do! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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    I wonder if any of the scammers are on devRant? ....hopefully not, but now I'm curious...
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    alias tree='echo Scan completed: 0 virus infections found.'
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    @akd5010 that would be fun....
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    Lol...I have something similar...
    I customised my elementary Freya to look just like Mac OS...
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    Extremely unlikely. As far as I can tell, those scammers are just people who desperately need money and don't have many other options available in their country. Obviously this doesn't make it right, but given their level of understanding in computers, they were just told to follow a procedure when diagnosing "viruses". But it's still fun to mess around with them xD
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    @agentwolf44 ....lol agreed! thanks for the insight πŸ˜ƒ ...stupid scammers, anyway
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    I love watching YouTuber who exposed these guys for what they are.
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    @blacckpigy I once saw a guy use a keylogger to steal the bastard's login info for the service they used to charge people money and then proceed to refund as many of them as he could
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    @immadeofpixels that's awesome
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    @immadeofpixels do you have the info on that guy he has my support
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    *types ping command*
    I'm in.
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    @Renze better yet..

    Alias tree=echo "Scan completed. 21 viruses found.\n\nCompleted upload to remote host."
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