I’m goin nuts here. I’m trying to build a website and everytime i think i’m finished the designer adds a little change or an extra page. Meanwhile projectmanager is asking if we can finish asap. Fuuuuuckofffff

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    Tell your manager to tell the designer to stop adding shit. Problem solved.
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    Add a new subtask to whatever ticket tracking system you use for each additional feature. Then show the list to anyone who asks why it's not done yet.
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    It's an important skill for a Dev to be able to say no. I've made your mistake before, I should have said I can only work on what has been signed off so you will have to speak to the money bags.
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    I had this problem. I asked the designer when they will finish the page fully. Once they did. You say that it is and no more changes are allowed or will be looked at from this point on (in writing of course ccing your superiors) and then just finish it. If they complain say that it can be done on the next sprint / iteration and ignore them until you are done with the current changes. Do it for every page.
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    I think the manager should check the designer work, then decide if it is done (based on customer requests or other metrics). When everything is ok assign the job to development and assign a new job to the designer.

    The designer is maybe wasting time, but what is the manager actually doing?

    Developer->develop ✅
    Designer->design ✅
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    Manager is managing the design together with the designer. So in the end also responsible for all the additional crap we devs have to program.
    The design is done for now but now my fellow dev wants everything programmed perfectly his ocd way.
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