Dude, remote work in a country side city makes me feel like people think I'm a drug dealer or something

I never leave my house

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    You mean your crack house.
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    @ChristoPy you're supposed to buy things like groceries as close as possible to your house, and it takes like an hour to talk to the store employees about nothing in particular.
    Burdensome, but profitable. The villagers won't sharpen their pitchforks if they see you as an wealth importer for their community.
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    @JsonBoa "Wealth importer" that's how drug dealers should defend themselves against legal charges xD
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    I imagined the correct kind of clothing you'd be wearing in this scenario.
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    @JsonBoa I buy everything from within the city, but bc I'm lazy haha
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    @rEaL-jAsE same basic tshirts as the last week and jeans

    Yeah, maybe I'm a drug dealer
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