Just had a call to follow up a job aplication that was sent in, he is very confident that we need to arrange an interview and wanted to let me know he couldn't do this week. FUCK OFF YOU FUCKTARD, I wouldn't wipe my arse with your aplication your waisting my fucking time with bullshit crap like this in a job application! Your not going to get the job dick head! You have zero fucking experience or any ability to do the job!

Think it's beer time 🍺

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    Pretty sure you need more than an interest in web development last time i checked...
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    Maybe you do need a janitor that can create a wordpress site.
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    Is the guy seriously bragging that he has WiFi?
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    "I therefore have some knowledge of CSS and HTML"

    Really, the whole thing is worded poorly, but that part stuck me as most off. You really indicated on your resume that you have *some* knowledge? What is wrong with this guy?
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