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WORST: Hold backspace until satisfied
BEST: Using a pen or other pointing device capable of causing semi or permanent damage to your screen, count how many characters the line in question consists of. Write this down on a piece of paper (after all, your terminal is occupied) and using long division, or any other means, divide this number by two, rounding as you please. Press the "right arrow" key as many times as necessary to reach the end of the line. This might be 0 - if so, congratulations, you may skip this step! Once complete, refer to your piece of paper, and taking your newly calculated number, press the "left arrow" key exactly that many times. If you have a short attention span or are worried you will lose count, take a tally or use some other primitive count recording method. Once the key has been pressed the correct number of times, hold down either control key on your keyboard and take a deep breath - there's no going back now (!) - press the "k" key (you should still be holding a control key!) and take a sigh of relief. You're halfway there! If you need a break, take one. When you're ready to finish the task, hold a control key again and take another deep breath. When you are ready to complete the task (don't hold your breath too long!) press the "w" key. Congratulations!! Your line has been deleted!! Some may call you a fucking idiot for not just pressing ctrl-w at the start, but don't listen to those people! They probably delete stuff by accident all the time! Now, take a lie down, and give a moment's silence for the poor poor line you just brutally dissected and murdered.

Think you can do better? Vote now on your phones!

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    Oops did i say w
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    "... count the number of space separated words (as before) and then press ctrl-w that many times (as before)"

    Too late to edit haha just have to add that in there..
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    Restart the computer, starrt fresh.
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    Ctrl+a + Ctrl+k
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    Warning: Only works for terminals,

    CTRL+C is boring, what about starting a second terninal, type the name of your favourite ssh-server, open another terminal, connect to the ssh server you just started, now install htop, run htop, kill the terminal process, uninstall your current terminal, install urxvt, configure it, run it: You have a empty line!
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    In about 2004 When I was 6 my father let me write on a pc the first time and went away.
    I made a mistake, and I didn't know how to delete a character, so I did what my father did when he made a mistake - on paper
    Don't know what it's called right now, but it's white liquidy stuff that you put on your mistakes, let it dry for a few seconds and write over it
    So when my father came back, some letters where covered with it, I don't know how he reacted, but he had to scratch the stuff off the screen with a knive

    Deleting a line... Yep, I did great work there.
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    @swith exactly!
    All over the screen :D
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