How do you get yourself out of a childhood trauma?

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    Recognize it, adapt and overcome.
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    Seek and accept help. Recognize my own limitations. Realize that what I'm feeling is normal and acceptable. Give my emotions the breathing space they need, and do a barrel roll.
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    Yeah seek help
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    Over? You don’t.
    Through? What the people above said.
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    One method that might work or not:
    Accept it as part of your life.

    Warning: This method, even when it works, might still include a "grieving" period with lots of "bad" emotions.
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    That's a good question. The answer is you can't overcome it. The way I do was thinking that that trauma was the factor to make you become what you are. In my case, I grew up in an abusive family, father was involved in abuse (emotional, physical) in every conversation. When I was 23 I began to think about my trauma this way, " most of the kids today doesn't know how to appreciate their family and never experienced what I had experienced." Which somehow made me appreciate family more when I got one. Fast forward to today, I'm glad that I face those abuse and that's what made me stronger.

    Sometimes you just don't overcome it but choose to let go instead. You only want to overcome something when you keep holding to it.

    Just like pooping, you don't over some the urge to poop but you just poop it all out, right?

    Well, this is my way, don't judge me yea.... 🙏
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    You don't need to remember what it was. You don't need to do regressive hypno-therapy to know it.

    You know your past traumas by your experience now. Where your pain points are now are where you work on yourself.

    Since you're debugging yourself you'll need to pay attention to the trigger points and see what gets to you or look closely at your behavior, motivations, and also any story running anytime the triggers happen. A separate watcher thread may need to be created or by a practice of meditation increase your raw observation ability to be able to see clearer what the problem(s) actually are.

    Once you see the problem you're already halfway there. Then you can consciously override the automatic child mind response which is just a pattern. Eventually, if you keep consciously overriding the negative responses you can see them decrease over time and decrease any patterned responses from past traumas even if you do not know the origin of those traumas.
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    It is important to know what concerning things are developed due to trauma. In my case, I had anxiety, self-esteem issues and still dealing with more symptoms. I don't know if you can relate to my rants but try looking into them maybe you can connect.
    I have seen a wonderful improvement by meditation, try it. I hope it will work for you. Journaling and trying to understand your emotions through writing can also help you.

    Trauma damages you mentally but don't worry you will get over it slowly. Try to cut yourself out from damaging people and talk to people whom you trust.
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    Letting them go
    And blocking their phone numbers into black lists

    Actually with the amount of phone spam, my phone is in whitelist mode now
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    Can't fix something that you repress (unfortunately?)
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    get yourself into an adulthood trauma.
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    @tosensei As bad as that sounds it's true...what you're stressing about today you won't even remember next year because there will be something else to stress about
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    @arcadesdude I bet to disagree.
    A year passed since I left mother's home.
    Nightmares still visit me, like I never left. The last one was today.
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    @darkwind sorry about your loss. I lost my dad recently :(

    I meant for the little stress things not the big ones that stay with us.
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    @arcadesdude thanks, but nah. Don't be sorry.
    She is alive and nightmare in real world.
    Recently she lost her mind completely.

    I would not mind to flee from her to another end of the planet just in case.
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    It's a hard process
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    You won't get rid of her at all. It can only be weakened, a psychologist can quickly help you with this. Need child observation, read https://studymoose.com/free-essays/... about it. It's best to keep an eye on him to make sure that doesn't happen. Otherwise, there will be a consequence later, but no one wants this.
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