There is a commercially sold ERP solution that has it's DB schema in excel and Other documentations in MS Word. And its not even properly structured, no schema diagrams, last updated for a 4 year old major release 😒😫.
I have to develop a custom module for it and that requires building an ActivexDLL Project in VB fucking 6 😭😭 .

Unstructured Documentation
Legacy code
Incomplete documentation

Tell me if you want ss in comments.

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    Some people say hell and heaven exists in our world. If this is the case you are definately in hell. Please don't share screenshots. I don't wanna throw up.
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    Nah... screenshot away! Worked in VB6 for many years, so let's see that shit storm 💩
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    Hey! I have worked at a place like that. Not ERP but they had the schema in Excel. Why? Because it was easier for the clients. IIRC I worked on changing that. But the older version is probably still supported.
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    Vb6 is nice...
    Vb6 is a relic...
    Mdi forms don't work after windows 8.
    Normal forms are not supported in windows 10.
    Guess someone is still using Vista or xp cause old software.
    Btw same deal in my company....
    And the programmer can't even tab the text boxes properly... Have to use mouse to change texboxes in a form.
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    BTW do you want to try a old trick of mine and tell me the results?
    I went around 200mb installations by placing the necessary dlls and ocx in the root of the exe file...
    Might work for the forms too in windows 10...
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