!rant Bought a fertility hormone test and so I have to wake up early tomorrow to lancet two (or more!) fingers and bleed on some index cards (not literally index cards, probably) before mailing them to a lab. Fun times, fun times. 😅

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    Seems like a very private thing, but thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us
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    Wouldn't be nicer if some robo nurse could drop by in the morning and do it for you? You'd just order it for morning, it would show up, take the test, and then fly it back to lab ASAP. Tada!
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    @NoMad what's your plan for tomorrow?

    Oh the usual, a robot is going to stab me then fly back to its lab.

    So uhhh... Anyone know a Kyle Reese?
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    @atheist that scenario would give me a boner if I could have one.
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    Lessons learned:
    Ring finger does not bleed very freely (at least the way I poked it)
    Middle finger? Bloodapalooza! Blood extravaganza! Blood everywhere!

    So if I have to retest (which I might, because I definitely overbled on the second test), I know to just stick my middle finger. 😅
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    @AmyShackles that last sentence is what HE said.
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