Non tech hobbies that helped me with developement:

Lego technic/mecano/knex were a great way to learn about abstraction, you build modules that you can reuse somewhere else.

Cooking is similar, you notice useful patterns that you can reproduce. E.g. roux, which is butter and flour is used for a lot of sauces, then add milk and you get béchamel, which is again used for a lot of sauces.

Coffee brewing helps because I can't focus if I don't get coffee.

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    I'd even go as far as saying cooking is technical. Depending (on level of course)
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    @hjk101 I suppose tech meant technology not technical, but yeah cooking is surprisingly similar to programming but the interpreter tries to do stuff with the input regardless, so you'll end up wondering if it's the weather or something you did that changed the outcome.
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