Music. Music teaches you numbers, creativity, patterns, structure, and basically primes your brain for math and creativity in that space. In addition, it teaches you how to think both within a structure and outside the box, as well as the importance of repetition, memorization, and learning a new language.

Music really was my second language, and the ability to read/write it fluently is a skill that takes a long time to master. I really believe that it increases your brain plasticity so much.

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    I can smash out code like crazy listening to dubstep!
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    Coding has destroyed music as a hobby for me.
    I’ve started applying coding principles like DRY and KISS subconsciously and couldn’t stop it. It killed the creativity and fun of making music.
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    Do you mean Tool - Lateralus? 😃
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    @tatocaster I mean Textures - Singularity
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