I'm convinced that playing the piano has allowed me to type faster and commit keyboard shortcuts to muscle memory faster too. While coding isn't about typing quickly, there's a whole bunch of times when I've had an idea, and had to get that down into code as quickly as possible before I forget it - and that's when I really find fast keyboard work comes into its own.

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    That's cool, i just always have lucidapp open (draw.io equivalent but faster prototyping), so when I have an idea, I just sketch it out, coding usually doesn't come until weeks after
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    @DarkMukke yeah draw.io has helped me alot. Working on an android codebase, having no idea how Android works, I opened a window of it and started making right connections among classes(more like components) by reading the code. And it gave me clarity each time I opened it.
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    We had IRC a few decades ago... That's how I learned to fast type
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    @GyroGearloose we STILL have IRC
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    @DarkMukke ya... But compared to 30 years ago almost no one uses it nowadays...
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