I can’t even wait for my copy of Leviathan Falls to arrive. I’m so tempted to read the All Spoilers thread on Reddit. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! C’mon... you can do this. Just a couple more days.

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    Never heard of it.

    Whats the gist or premise?
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    @Wisecrack It’s the ninth and final book in the long running series by James S. A. Corey (which is two different writers). It’s hard sci-fi with the story set in the future where humans have colonised much of the solar-system. I’ll just say this: the unknown has never been made more interesting.
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    I just bought Leviathan Wakes! 😊
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    @Root Yes ! !! Hope you enjoy it, kopeng mi.
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    @-red So far I adore it. :)
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    It’s here ! !! !!!! !!!!!!!!
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