I might sound like one of those wierdos that are overly into Japan, Martial Arts and such, but I really enjoy Judo.

It is a sport where you have to FEEL the contact with your opponent.
Practising Judo made my day-to-day stress go away in just about 20m and also kept me in good shape, made me meet a lot of people/friends, lead me to live in a certain way and interact with people in a certain way (a good way, actually).

It also taught me which parts of the body are the most dangerous/fragile and cause the most pain.

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    @Ikaroz judo has throws, just kick boxing is a bit different
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    I did jujutsu a long time ago, agree :) throwing, ground wrestling, kick and punch, awesome :) And that was a good club. Great stuff
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    You make me miss jujitsu... Haven't gone in awhile just because of life crap and other responsibilities.
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    Just left BJJ for three months to prioritize OSCP study.

    Hoping I don't go crazy!
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    Awesome. I’m into Hapkido.
    Just starting to get back into it after all the lockdowns and stuff.
    Even though I’m nowhere near as fit or flexible as I was before the pandemic I feel so much better after a class, particularly in my mind.
    Wish I could go to a class every day after work
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    I have done Shoto Kan, Kyokushin, Savate, Sanda, Wing chun, Capoeira (personal favorite), Silat, Largo Mano Eskrima and boxing. Martial arts are FUN and the ability to test your meat in the ring is actually amazing, but the one that I hold dearest is boxing really. Boxing translates better for real life application of self defense, also mma. there is not much room for dancing and shit on the streets. savate has been really practical as well.
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