So, I've been with my current employer four years now, three and a half of which have been spent working as a time material developer for a huge fashion company. I've been trying to get out of It for the past six months only for my exit to be postponed everytime. There's also no clear idea as to what I would be moved to, going forward. Nobody Is telling me a thing and I think other developers will be moved to different projects before I do.

That's why I took matters into my own hands and started getting back into the recruitement process. I'm about to receive an offer. A fairly better one.

The thing is, I wanna use such offer to see if my current employer can reedem himself and propose to me a good counter offer. I'm not in the mood of starting over, but I want security and management to have a fucking idea of what my future Is gonna be like at this fucking company.

What do you guys think? Am I playing with Fire?

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    No, my dude

    If you get an offer, but would like to continue at your current employer, tell them (maybe inflate it a little bit) and ask them to give you the same money and better stuff to do

    But in my opinion, if you need to scare them to listen to you, it's better to go somewhere else

    I mean, if they didn't think much of you till now, dropping such a bomb will not make em give a shit more than before, maybe just to make sure you are easily replaceable in case you get funny ideas ever again
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