I finally got the clarity on my relationship.

Atleast I think I did.

I am officially done with Microsoft. I mean the only useful and sensible products left are Outlook and Excel.

Funnily both the products have hit their maturity stage and now MS is trying to bloat them. But still to a reasonable extent.

What other MS products are worth touching? Wait.. I legit can't think of any now.

Next on tagret, Google and Apple. Lol

Perhaps only Apple product I ever want to interact with will be (future tense) Apple Music (well because lossless and the fact that that the product is the reason for existence of the company).

NGL Steve had the right vision on Music. They tagged things right in their iTunes catalogue. But then MTV happened.

And now Spotify is the new MTV. Fuck me in ass someone.

So only Google? Well I have already sold my soul to them. What's more remaining?

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    Only disagree on outlook.
    It uses word to compose html messages.
    Strips so much html/css rendering that writing html mails that includes outlook support is an art. It's like having your website render on ie6.
    Stops syncing as the sudden all you miss emails until you notice. Have to many other gripes with it to mention.
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    @hjk101 still it is feature rich and functional.
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    You’re not keen on visual studio then, or vscode ?
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    @TrevorTheRat no and the reason for that is I am not a developer or a programmer.
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    I was done with Microsoft.

    But then they brought VS Code, acquired NPM & Github and did all those lovely things to them.

    Excel is hands-down the best spreadsheet software, with you on that
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    the hardest thing to do while being an organised person is to have your daily items work in harmony with each other and integrate seamlessly. and google does that for you with its gmail, drive google sheets , docs and what not.

    i am so much sold out to google that if i was not a developer, i would have lived my life on a chromebook itself. i have stopped making word or excel files. i still require paint sometimes ( but draw.io is again a powerful competitior) but other than that ,microsoft can suck my balls. drive, sheets, docs, diagrams, collab... everything is top notch with google

    wish there was an alternative to google tho. who knows , mayne amazon ,tesla or some Chinese company give them a competition in some years
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    @prodigy214 the only reason I am not entirely moving to Google ecosystem is I am held back with Office.

    Google office suite does not work offline and their spreadsheet is pathetic.

    Otherwise, I'd totally be moving to Linux and survive off Google ecosystem via browser.

    Linux doesn't support Drive sync though and I have mentioned it time and again here.
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    @Floydimus why don't you try mac? drive sync work seamlessly there. and yeah , i guess your usecase requires a better spreadsheet software. for me , i rarely require it to create some simple tables or minor logics and it works fine for me, however the ability to be traveling in a bus and being able to access the same files on my phone that i created in my laptop sleeping in home is something i find very nice

    also there's offline access for various files , atleast for android app, and browser docs app, but i haven't used that feature
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    @prodigy214 nah! I only liked Apple till the time Steve was at the helm.

    After that, the company took unexpected turns. They are evil but they not evil evil like Google. And at the same time they are good but just very different.

    The entry and exit barrier for their ecosystem is quite high too.
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    @Floydimus what are those entry/exit barriers?

    from what i faced, the entry barriers would be the lack of ports that windows provide which macs doesn't ,but there are other ports and methods to transmit data easily between the 2. a barrier but workable.

    and the exit barrier would be getting too much obsessed with apple stuff ecosystem that you can't just use anything else. this I don't consider a barrier, rather a disease caused due to extreme richness and stupidity. most people are decent enough to be able to easily work with any OS, but mac hardware is way better than most windows laptops with similar configuration

    although don't consider my comments as some kind of pushing to mac/google propaganda. these are just the tools that i prefer, this suite might not suit to someone else
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    @prodigy214 entry barriers are cost, data migration, and learning the entire UX.

    And also, if I use an Android phone with a Mac, the compatibility will be fucked (and that's my assumption).

    Exit, would be their subscription pricing model. That part is super economical as compared to others. And also, compatibility with outer world once inside the Apple world.
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