Does anyone else have problems with devRant? Whenever I exit a rant and go back to the 'main window', where the rants are supposed to be listed, I get an empty page (with the typical devRant background but without the loading animation). Rants won't load for me then.

Rants won't load for me except for the first time when I open the app. After I clicked on a rant and go back, it won't load.

Using a OnePlus 3 with Android 7.1.1, in case that matters. :)

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    I'm on a one plus x and never had that problem
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    I'm in a OnePlus 3 with Android 7 and I have no problem
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    I've used to have that problem with my shitty Wi-Fi, not a problem when using mobile data.
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    @sSam yeah same as Sam, but also on a horrible data connection, so I guess it just might be poor connection
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    I only have this problem with a bad Internet connection on my OnePlus 3. The app also hung up completely at rare occasions when the good mobile connection has turned into a bad one.
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    Yes, I have this issue on a moto G2, but it's on and off, also commenting won't work sometimes while ranting will... @dfox ?
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    Shouldn't really be because of my connection - doesn't work on WiFi standing next to the router nor on mobile data.

    However, as a hotfix I figured that rants will load when I tap on the (already selected) left icon on the bottom menu.
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