I miss the good old days...

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    Welcome to devRant. I read it 2nd time then I got the joke. It made me laugh. Thanks yoo!
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    Yep exactly why you use vcs and push to a remote branch before you test anything that has the possibity of file removal
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    @jckimble yeah ! But sometimes I have this problem: Error 404! Brain not found !
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    @popeye old days? Just happened a few days ago to me. FML.
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    I read "ran it" as "rant it" at first.
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    Early in my programming days, I thought I would be clever and set up an alias em=emacs.

    Now, I neglected to notice the fact that the "e" and "r" keys are adjacent, and could be errantly transposed were one in a hurry with one's left hand was slightly off the home key.

    That fact was brought to my attention one day when I intended to type "em *.c" but instead typed "rm *.c"

    Revision control saved me, but I never considered that short-lived alias again.
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