Interviewer Mail: Build this complex project in 2 days
Me: Ok working GOD Mode Submitting.


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    I’m growing more and more cynical about interviewing because of stuff like this, to the point that next time I’m looking for work and a company wants me to do some kind of “assessment”, if it takes more than an hour I’m just going to send them an invoice and require a deposit.
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    Fuck no.
    I can code during an interview though.
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    if it's a small company, there's a high chance they used your code as free work
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    @ele30 Just some advice for future.

    Anything beyond 3 hours is not good.

    If the work seems lengthy to you, simply ask the work you are asking for is much for an interview. Either i can complete and submit some of the most important parts or you pay me by the hour for this. If i get selected, you can cut it off from my first paycheck.

    The reply will tell you whether it is worth putting the effort or not. Most people ghost at this moment. And most of the genuine ones reduce the assignment.
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