Friends Pandemic December proposal: "We should all get on Zoom every weekend, play Christmas trivia games and do shots"

Family ideal Pandemic December: "Lets send each other Secret Santa presents throughout the whole month, and get on Zoom and unpack them"

Me: Chilled out on a reclining seat next to a freshly slaughtered green fir tree, burning hearth fire, warm wool sweater, faux fur slippers, big mug of liquored up hot chocolate, keyboard on my lap, writing a Rust library on big screen TV.

Sorry friends & family, y'all are doing holidays wrong.

Happy holidays.
-- signed, Grandpa Bittersweet.

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    ... Considering following suit...
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    That sounds so lovely.
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    A man after my own heart.
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    I'm not sure how people drink hot liquor. Once the beverage is hot enough to be nice to drink, the alcohol just evaporates right up my nose and it's not pleasant.
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    @spongessuck Are you… making hot cocoa with alcohol instead of milk? I’m trying to figure out how you get to the point that this happens to you. How much alcohol are you USING? What kind?! I have so many questions!
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    Through zoom? Yikes
    Counting the dots on the ceiling for 2 days straight might be more fun.
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    Nothing hits harder than a cup of three parts black coffee and five parts vodka, watch me Terry A. Davis my way through code all night
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    What, am I the only that would prefer family/friends over sitting and doing nothing? Why lol
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    @AmyShackles I mean, you want it to do something don't you? ;)
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    @AmyShackles @spongessuck

    Yeah the idea is to first make a good hot chocolate, then add a splash of Bailey's (cream), Kahlua (coffee), or even Cognac, Rum or Vodka, afterwards.

    Yesterday I made a not-super-sweet Italian-style starch-thickened hot chocolate milk with a little cinnamon, bit of nutmeg, fuck it add some pepper, splash of Frangelico. You know, hint of pumpkin spicey, a little hazelnut, chocolate with a good thicc silky melty feeling. A get-your-fucking-marshmellows-outta-here kind of hot cocoa.

    With booze in a low enough quantity that a child would still like the flavor.

    Not that you should test it on children. Or maybe you should, if you have an annoying child.

    Also, a little bit of whipped cream on top helps against too much alcohol whafting in your face.
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    I like (some) other people.

    But "being social over Zoom with a bunch of people with bad wifi who don't know how to manage their audio settings" sucks hard.

    I prefer being alone over having awkward video calls.
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    @bittersweet Sheelin is so much better than Bailey’s. Give it a try if you can find it!
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