All that I have been ranting about this year are first world problems. Not only because politics is the only taboo on devrant, but also because I have been making too much compromise again.

It seems that most of the money is paid in projects for industrial companies, marketing, and useless products. So I ended up doing only some work for impact projects and ecological startups, taking time to learn new technology, and otherwise waste my potential to make a change by doing web development for well paying companies.

Still better than the years before, when I was an employee. Corporate culture sucks, at least it seems so at most companies in Germany and probably also America and even more so in other countries?! As a freelancer, at least I have the choice not to agree to any offer. And I did say no to many offers this year.

But still ...

New year resolution: prioritize customers with a purpose to make the world a better place. Make less compromise. Stop complaining about bullshit tech and just get things done instead.

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    I found devrant a good place to dump developer frustration without bothering other people or holding a grudge.

    Still, especially after reading kiki's rant today (see below), I must say that I don't really have anything to complain about. I should rather write a grateful journal or save my rants to a text file to delete at the end of the day, and shut the fuck up otherwise.

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    Problem is, that yes, picking those 'eco' clients will be good.
    But in they end you will go with the ones who actually pays money and preferably those who pays a lot of money !
    If you don't, you become an activist and end up like Greta Thunberg.. Sounds great, most (big corps/gov) agree but nobody cares or don't make an effort to change.
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    sounds like you are doing great. if you have the opportunity to pick your customers and it still pays your bills then what do you want more :D
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    Whatever you decide, I hope you stick around. Not everyone around here needs to be ranting.
    I’ve discovered a lot of cool things in the field of development thanks to this platform. That’s because many here take the time to share about some useful tools they’re using or about how they handle things in their jobs in general.
    I hope you feel like you still have your place here
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