The company I'm working with is looking for a designer. Today the founder told me that "We're looking for a [kiki] of design".

If that's not recognition, I don't know what is.

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    He wants another bimbo?
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    I don't want to sound depressing... but doesn't this subtly tell you aren't as unique for them? A random hunch.
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    @vintprox Uniqueness isn't merit.
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    @lbfalvy And not everything is about meritocracy.
    Although, choices of words tell more than volumes of history.
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    @vintprox this subtly tells only the sorrow of finding the perfect gem of a mind while knowing that they’ll move along sooner or later, and such a gem cannot be stumbled upon or deliberately hunted ever again.
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    @vintprox Finding a good worker is definitely about meritocracy.
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