You’re my friends! Right?

… right? 🥺

But in all honesty, it’s this and Virtual Coffee for me. I’ve made so many friends from Virtual Coffee (https://virtualcoffee.io). ❤️

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    The members page is quite big and interesting to read
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    Thanks for the virtual coffee link.
    Did not know this was a thing!
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    Just checked it out. I'm already anxious. I'm gonna try something with a broader audience first.
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    @anux Why anxious?
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    @AmyShackles crowds make me anxious.
    The home page shows so many events, activities. On top of it, 'intimate community', 'all devs'.

    Maybe I'm being irrational but I see a lot of homework there than coffee.

    As a matter of fact, I lurked for months on devrant before I signed up.
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    @anux Ah, yeah, I could see how that would seem overwhelming. If it makes you feel any better, all of it is optional. There’s a zoom hangout every Tuesday and Thursday, you have to attend one of those at some point to get an invite to the Slack, but there’s no commitment to attend meetings or do lunch and learns or participate in monthly challenge, etc. I just attend Thursday meetings, for the most part. There’s a pretty good spread of people and everyone’s just really nice and welcoming.
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    @AmyShackles that is good to know. Thanks for sharing that!
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    Awesome! Thanks, didn't know it existed 😊

    How about near Tuesday, @AmyShackles ? I'll be there.
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    @vintprox Haha Tuesday meetings are way too early in the morning for me. 😅
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    @AmyShackles heh, morning is such a time, yeah. For me it will be near evening.

    I'm bad with introductions, but I hope to get some insights on what pair programming experiences these people have and whether they used tools to assist this process themselves or seen someone doing it. You can tell it's very relatable to my programme.
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    So many prominent people
    Especially position #06 in $members

    Will check by occasionally

    Proud of you / Keep it up ;) @AmyShackles !
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