I've forgotten how to make friends.

I think I've grown to the point where I can barely tolerate myself, let alone somebody else on a regular basis. Plus, being busy makes it hard to be decent to people and actually get back to their messages and calls.

Plus, I don't code anymore...
*Starts making another cocktail before the supervisor starts yelling*

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    If friends are people you can insult, then we're all your friend.
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    I’m also abysmal at making and keeping friends. Like with the both of you. Sigh.
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    The thing that can distinguish you from a manager in this portion of text is "can barely tolerate myself". Sad, but modest!
    Please, love yourself <3
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    Yeah, this.
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    I'm CTO in a start up and it's my life.

    I don' do pocs any moreI hardly fdo anything

    I just open a first beer at 8 am.
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    I'm currently drowning in my own problems.

    If I ever find the courage to unfuck myself, I think about friends.
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    i never really learned how to make friends. those 3 that i have, i got by accident.

    i also never learned how to keep friends. those 2 that i still have, i do thanks to them being stubborn, and about equally as incompetent in this friendship thing, that they didn't notice i'm unable to keep them, and we just keep on talking to each other.
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