The device looks cool and everything....but their reason we should buy it is the winner for me. Not only is that never a problem...but also, spot the mistake

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    People love using a Mac keyboard, mouse, monitor with their tower PC's
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    @jespersh multi-tasking
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    @jespersh An Apple monitor would've been fine, but this looks like an Apple AIO (or iMac as they call it).
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    Is that a docking station or a bench-shaped PC?
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    This could be achieved with 3 pieces of wood scrap, a USB extender, a usb splitter and a clamp, and you'd be able to choose on which side the ports are so eg. you can have them facing towards you if it's more convenient. Desktop computer accessories of very specific shapes are bullshit.
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    @lbfalvy or just bend slightly at the waist like normal people, without the attitude the guy in the picture has :D
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    @lbfalvy Sure, but it might come out more expensive than the off the shelf product, maybe after factoring in just the raw material; needless to say you'd still have to find the hub/extender itself (and what looks like a wireless charging pad) and you'd need to be handy enough to put the thing together, to have the tools needed, to sand it down, to varnish it...

    I wouldn't say it's super specific since it looks reversible; plus, unless you have a super tiny space in which you indeed would have to DIY something, it seems flexible enough. Things like this have their use - you can estimate whether it will fit your workspace, and if not, just look for something else...
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    Marketing people 😂

    They thought a mac would be cool to show.
    Then they somehow realized (or got told by more competent people) that with a mac, the user would‘n need to bend down.
    And instead of going away from the mac idea, they just added a random tower to sell their silly argument.

    It‘s really fascinating. Like watching chimps on the discovery channel.
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    Laughs in havinf small USB hub hooked to keyboard

    but to be fait, it's a pain in the back to use PC's USB ports under the table.

    I think my solution with hub attached to keayboard port is less expensive tho
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    Marketer: Your Money or your Waist...

    Don't worry I'll keep my money... You can take the waist!
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    Not only stupid pics but can just do that sitting on my chair. Now the back ports are hard to reach
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    @jespersh Hey, if all you had was a tower PC you might as well use your nice keyboard and mouse!
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    In my opinion they should advertise that you don't break the USB ports on the mainboard...

    Breaking in sense of material fatigue.

    For people who use USB - a lot - this is really a problem. At a certain point the port is just damaged. If it's on the MoBo side, you're fucked. Buying a new docking station is expensive, changing a MoBo usually costs more.
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    @kamen You can also get the stand ready made and attach a USB hub and a charging pad. Chances are, if you like that setup you already have some kind of box or other structure to elevate your monitor and put your keyboard under. Tightening a clamp isn't handywork. I highly doubt it would end up more expensive in the same quality range since the premise of the whole thing is that it's more than a wireless charging pad and an USB hub. I say it's specific because unless you want to put a monitor on top, a keyboard underneath and plug pen drives in the side it's useless, and that's a very narrow situation to set up a production line for. In any case, my problem is that products like this are visibly born out of a need to sell something to someone, whether it actually improves the world or not. A flexible product finds a use, a very specific one like this gets thrown into a sea if demand doesn't meet supply.
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    @lbfalvy For the short term these would be bought by a small subset of people indeed. For the long term I agree with you that they might end up as rubbish. It's not a simple problem though - the majority of people expect to be able to buy ready to use stuff, they just don't have time for anything DIY. If out of the blue we suddenly witness a major change like whole world suddenly dropping to a 6-hour work day or something like that, more people will have time. Moreover there are companies that seem to make stuff just to fill shelves and catalogues.
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    @kamen I still don't think that fixing a USB hub to a plank in a non-load-bearing way is DIY, but I wouldn't mind if it was at least reconfigurable i.e. if the hub was removable. That way if you go nomad and no longer need this product but you want a portable USB hub and charging pad all the waste you produced was the recyclable plastic stand.
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