My last night :
- Had nothing much to work on
- Opened an anime site to spend sometime.
- Clicked on some really good shows.
- Realized full screen isn't working on that page.
- Fired up JS Console , spent next 30 minutes trying to get the video part full screen. Failed!!
- Opened up Google & navigated through stackoverflow looking for the fix. Still couldn't do it.
- Cursed the website for having a bad design.
- Left the site.

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    who still deploys sites with readable source codes...?
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    Could have just went to 9anime
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    Lol reminds me: years ago I developed a bookmarklet for my gf that when clicked would crawl the page for nested iframes and find the video URL then open it full screen and ad-less in a new browser tab
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    the lazy, usually "good enough" solution: zoom the page so that the video player fills up the whole window ;)
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    Ctrl + mouse wheel....
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    @webketje does not work with modern video players anymore. They are all using some sort of multipart file nowadays
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    @iiii I know. Still in lots of cases it is possible to intercept network requests and reverse engineer using blobs (cf my Soundcloud Downloader Clean userscript). The bridge too far is HLS (m3u playlists with AES-encrypted stream chunks)
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    @webketje yes, I meant HLS streams. I have no idea why they exist
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