"This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers." (not my question, but by a newbie who, for some reason I will never find out, tried to use an outdated Ubuntu version)

Seen that bullshit so many times.
If you don't have a minute to ask a question to a new contributor, but you do have the time to downvote or close questions, do you really think you are doing the community a favour?

I see that AskUbuntu is not a little bit better than StackOverflow. I will just shut up and leave the assholes alone then they can tell the newbies that they're not welcome on any StackExchange and that's it.

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    I’ll never get what constitutes a repeat question either. Like, whenever I’m looking for answer, there are ALWAYS multiple questions with answer threads. Why do some repeated questions constitute a closure? 🧐
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    Closure reasons seem very arbitrary to me. I still have less than 5 questions that did not get closed, and when the nitpickers start voting down and stating a reason to close, I always think, but there's at least 10 other questions I saw this week, that shouldn't be there if the same standards were applied.

    On their meta sites, gatekeeping and elitism is either denied or justified as a virtue, but the community fails their own standards.

    While there's a lot of valuable information on StackExchange, there's also a lot of oudated bullshit, but still most high reputation users rather like to block the influx of questions instead of cleaning up their museum of jQuery code snippets.

    Why should I bother asking clarification questions to a new user? So often, the questions have been closed - sometimes, like the one on AskUbuntu today, merely after some minutes (!) - before anyone had the chance for a proper communication.

    Fucking toxic hater community they are!
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    Variation: unanswered question, open to be answered. I have the same problem. Trying to improve the question, rephrase the heading in a less ambiguous way, so maybe that will attract the correct answers. After spending my time and submitting the edit suggestion, SO always shows some note like "The edit queue is full at the moment - try again in a few minutes!"
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